During this COVID-19 situation, Shadow Mountain Vineyards is open for Bottle and Case Sales. And – based on the most recent changes to the State of California and San Diego County Government rules that went into effect at midnight on July 5, 2020, Wine Tasting activities MUST be outdoors.

This means that our patios, our tented area, and the various additional seating we have added to the vineyard are all available for you to use when you visit!

Bring a Picnic Lunch with you, and enjoy the fresh air – whether you come for a tasting, a glass of wine, a bottle, or a case! Our patios and our Tented area are all open.

Please bring your mask for when you arrive, and for when you are indoors for purchases.

We are open our regular hours:

  • Wednesday thru Sunday , 10 AM – 5 PM !!


  1. Thank you for the message! We will be open our normal hours of Wednesday thru Sunday, 10am – 5pm! Happy to have everyone come visit Shadow Mountain Vineyards again!

  2. Great to have you visit us! Thank you for the message, as the situation has been changing rapidly!

      At this time,

    San Diego County wineries with outdoor patios can remain open for outdoor wine tasting, so we ARE OPEN Wednesday thru Sunday 10-5, and we WILL be open on July 4th and will be having Mad Mike’s World’s Greatest Sausage from 1-4pm!

    Come to taste, bring a picnic to complement the sausage. (Tastings, bottle and case sales will all be available).

  3. We’d like to drive out today to buy 2 bottles of wine. We don’t need tastings, just your recommendations. We’ve enjoyed everything we’ve tried in the past. We’d buy it for the work! Are you open for sales? Do you prefer cash or card?

    1. Hi Lori! Sorry for the delayed response. Come out any day Wednesday through Sunday (but we will be closed on Thanksgiving Day). Reservations not required. Tastings are outdoors only. Bring a picnic. Buy bottles on-premises to have and take home! If you call Pam at 760-782-0778, she can prepare larger purchases in advance, for pickup (see our notice about the December 5th sale!). Thank you.

    1. Hi Marianne! Give Pam a call at 760-782-0778, to ask her about wine shipping to Maryland. And ask her where Alex is when you call! Thank you.

    1. Hi Joanne – Sorry for the delayed response, but reservations are not required to visit. We’re open Wednesday through Sunday (closed on Thanksgiving Day). Come on out and bring a picnic. Outdoor tasting and seating are all open. Thank you!

    1. Hi Pepper! I”m not sure if Alex saw this message and passed it on to Pam. Give Pam a call at 760-782-0778, and catch up. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you.

  4. Pam, when can we pick up our club quarterly bottles? now or not until December?
    Also, if I want to send 3 bottles to family in Flagstaff, Arizona for Thanksgiving, how do I proceed?

    1. Hi Ann! Sorry, we might be a little late for Thanksgiving with this response, but call Pam yet today at 760-782-0778, and ask her about shipping to AZ and making your club pickup! We’re not doing any online ordering, but Pam can advance prep orders for pickup or take orders for shipping over the phone with a credit card. Thank you. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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